Parenting Workshop & Support group

Discovering new ideas, the confidence to use them, and the support to stick with them…

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We care, so we strive… to keep them safe, to build character,  to help them become independent and contribute to others.  We care, so we struggle … over homework and bedtime, clean-up and curfews, screen time and family time, sex and drugs?! … while also attending as best we can to our own relationships, our finances and our health. 

In this class, we will come together to reflect honestly on our parenting, experiment with new skills, and receive the support we need to apply them. Sessions are informal and upbeat, but structured and focused. Classes include lecture and discussion, take-home assignments, and a variety of experiential activities — including optional ground-based exercises with horses (because they respond well to the same calm-assertive demeanor that children do). The group will grow to fit the personalities and needs of the participants.

There are three objectives to this group: 

(1) Discover parenting strategies to fit your situation. In addition to learning from each other, we will draw upon the renowned Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® approach (www.loveandlogic.com) and learn how to share control when we can, use enforceable consequences when we need to, and save our breath and let life do the teaching whenever possible. When our kids throw fits — we will know better how to handle ourselves.

(2) Learn how to unhook from your inner critics and emotional crosswinds. Too often, feelings, thoughts and memories ambush our best parenting intentions. Together we will learn a variety of techniques to pivot from these ‘hooks’ and follow through on being the parents we want to be. 

(3) Experience the support of a group of fellow travelers. Knowing we are not alone with our struggles and feeling accepted are powerful remedies for the anguish and ‘stuckness’ we feel — and compelling forces to help us stay on track with our parenting.About the Instructors 

Matt Case, MA, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice who has taught parenting skills for over 15 years.  

Suzanne Case is a lifelong horse professional, yoga instructor, and trained equine assisted psychotherapy provider. She will earn her MA in clinical mental health in 2020. 

Matt & Suzanne have raised four children, ranging in age from 14 to 30, in a blended family and bring a wealth of personal experience – and humility – to their classes. Together they created ClearWind Farm, where they provide equine assisted psychotherapy and meeting space for local community organizations.


The cost for the 6-week, 9-hour program is based on a sliding fee scale ranging from $60 to $180.  We will discuss what rate is suitable for you. If two caregivers of the same child attend, they will receive a 10 percent discount.

Location and schedule

Classes are scheduled on six consecutive weeks and run for 90 minutes each. They will take place at ClearWind Farm , which is located on 200 acres just 20 minutes from Chapel Hill and Mebane, and 30 minutes from Durham and Burlington. 

The address is 7961 Scenic Trial, Chapel Hill, NC. 

I’m interested, what next?

Direct any questions you have to Matt. Once you have decided you are able and interested, contact Matt to arrange a phone call in which you and he can discuss more deeply what you are looking for and if this class is a good fit for your particular situation. Matt can be reached at mcaselpc@gmail.com, or 336-775-7881.

Download the class flyer here.